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MAL-TECH is the official distributor in Israel for VIDEOTEC.

Since 1986 Videotec has been designing and creating state-of-the-art products for the professional video surveillance industry.
Over the years, thanks to a team of well trained and motivated young managers, we have turned a small company into one of the most important suppliers to the security industry in Europe.
Anticipating the demands of a continuously evolving market, Videotec has focused on the creation of increasingly advanced integrated products for the management and handling of security cameras, both analogue and network, for the monitoring of difficult external environments.
Videotec has rich history of innovation, opportunity, long-term strategies and success.
VIDEOTEC is an Italian leading manufacturer of many products such as:

  • Analog PTZ / Thermal PTZ includes verity of unique features such as IP illuminators, wiper, washer and tanks. all assemblies are designed for installations in the most difficult climatic conditions.
  • PTZ & Fixed cameras for EXPROOF /ATEX in installations.
  • A wide range of housing to suit every requirements exist.
  • (anti vandal IK10, POE, stainless steel , EXPROOF washer tanks).
  • IR illuminators for long distance.
  • Keyboards control (USB, RS485).
  • Complementary accessories such as: switches, splitters, optical fiber solutions ect