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MAL-TECH is the official distributor and representative of DIGIVOD gmbh.

DIGIVOD is a video security management system of command & control software and IP cameras. DIGIVOD is developing verify of high standard software solutions which enable matching to the relevant modules and project and makes it easy to install and operate.

DIGIVOD gmbh was founded in 2008 as a German software manufacturer. it quickly gained popularity by thier phenomenally intuitive graphical user interface.

It makes video surveillance simple, for both analogue and IP.

Today, digivod is one of the most popular video management solutions in Germany and abroad. digivod installations protect critical infrastructures, safe cities, public transport and football stadiums.

Main features and products:

  • VMS modules – supports most of the leading cameras manufacturers (IP, analogs HD-SDI), a virtual matrix, advanced maps interface, smart phone applications. 
  • LPR modules – license plate numbers recognition.
  • Video content analytics (VCA).
  • Powerful video wall solutions.
  • Wide range mega pixel IP cameras.